IT Specialist Required In Kuwait City


IT Specialist Required In Kuwait City. Apply at [email protected]. A bachelor’s degree is required.

Required experience: 1-2 years. Preferred Nationality Indian male candidates

Key responsibilities: • Overall responsibility for servers, networks, technical issues, and the Cisco system.

Manage and maintain our network infrastructure, which includes routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points.

Monitor network performance and address any issues that develop.

Set up and configure Cisco systems, including routers, switches, and security appliances.

Work with other IT team members to maintain network security and data integrity.

Offer technical support to end users, such as troubleshooting network connectivity issues. · Document network setups and keep correct records.

Keep up with the latest developments in network technology and Cisco systems.

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Salary range: 100-400 Kwd (no link provided with these advertisements).


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