Kuwait Postal Code

Kuwait has Six Governorates. Capital Governorate, Hawalli Governorate, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, and Al-Farawiya Governorate. Al-Ahmadi Governorate and Al-Jahra Governorate, each Governorate has its own postal code.

Hawalli Governorate

Hawalli Governorate covered 17 areas in Kuwait.

GovernorateAreaPostal Code / Zip Codes
HawalliAl Jabriya46300
Al Salmiya20001
Al Zahra47760
Al Rumaithiya25400
Al Bede25000
Al Salam47700
Al Shuaib35901
Al Shuhada47780
Al Sadeq47720
Al Nugra20011
Mubarak Al Abdullah Al Jaber40250
West Mishref40006
Kuwait postal code
Kuwait postal code

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate

GovernorateAreaPostal Code / Zip Codes
Mubarak Al-Kabeer
Sabah Al Salem44000
Al Masayel26601
Al Adan47000
Al Qusor47020
Al Quran47040
Abu Al Hassani51400
Abu Fatera47080
Al Fintas Sakani50000
Al Funaitess52400
Mubarak Al Kabeer47060

Al Jahra Governorate

GovernorateAreaPostal Code / Zip Codes
Al Jahra
New Jahra00020
Al Surabeya03600
Al Sabeya04000
Al Mutla03400
Al Qasser00004
Al Naseem70031
Al Naeem000005
Al Waha00007
Saad Al Abdulla91100

Al Ahmadi Governorate

GovernorateAreaPostal Code / Zip Codes
Al Ahmadi
Al Ruqqa53301
Al Thahar51215
Al Manqaf53700
Abu Hulaifa54600
Fintas Investment50000
Al Sabaheya55000
Al Ahmadi60000
Al Fahaheel63000
Sharq Al Ahmadi60000
Ali Salem Al Sabah65000
Mena Abdulla65200
Al Shuaiba65300
Al Mahabula54000
Al Nuwaiseb65500
Al Khiran66300
Al Wafra – 165700
Al Wafra – 265701
Fahad Al Ahmed53800
Jaber Al Ali51600
Sabah Al Ahmed Sakanya67500
Sabah Al Ahmed Bahreya67501

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