Kuwait Civil ID Payment Renewal 5 KD Online 2024

The Kuwaiti Public Authority for Civil Information has implemented an easy-to-use online payment system for renewing Civil ID cards, with a flat charge of 5 Kuwaiti dinars (KD) for collecting the smart card and 2 KD for collecting the plastic card. This program eliminates the need for expatriates to physically visit a Civil ID office, simplifying the renewal process and saving crucial time.

What are the Documents required for a new civil ID?

The renewal of a civil ID card requires the submission of the following documents:

  • Kuwaiti citizenship identification card and photo.
  • Individual portrait (6 x 4 cm) with white background following specific guidelines.
  • Original civil ID card.
  • Envelope.
  • In the case of absence, an official attorney letter from the Department of Justice.

Don’t forget to Check your current card validity

Knowing how to check your kuwait civil ID status is important because you can easily forget the date in your busy life. If you forget to renew your civil id, you have to pay KD 2 per day until you renew your civil id. Here is an easy way to check your civil ID’s expiration date.

  • Go to WWW.paci.gov.kw/Default.aspx
  • Click on Civil ID Status check.
  • Fill in the box for civil ID with your civil ID.
  • On the next page you can check the validity of your civil ID.

Kuwait Civil Id Payment Renewal Video Guide:

What is the process to renew your Kuwait Civil ID?

When it’s time to renew your Civil ID renewal , take the following steps:

  1. Go to the PACI website: To access the section on the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI Kuwait civil Id payment) website where you can renew your Civil ID, visit their website at https;//www.paci.gov.kw/Default.aspx.
  2. Enter Your Information: Ensure that you provide the details such as your Civil ID number, date of birth, and any other essential information.
  3. Upload papers: Upload any documents, such as copies of your passport or residency permits.
  4. Choose Payment Method: Now, choose your payment method from the options provided. You can make payments online using a credit or debit card.
  5. Complete payment process: Please finalize the payment process by submitting the renewal fee. The amount of the renewal charge can vary depending on your residency status.

How much is Civil ID Card Renewal Fees?

The Citizens Information Center charges KD 5 for citizens and the cost for expatriates is 10 KD. If your civil card does not have an electronic chip, you will be charged KD 2.

This charge must be renewed each year for a duration of one year. The Civil ID Card fee must be paid on schedule to ensure that the card remains valid. If you do not pay the fee on time, your Civil ID Card may be suspended, which can be difficult while using government services.

What is the process of checking Civil ID Payment renewal?

When you need to make a payment for your ID in Kuwait, it’s always an idea to take a moment and check your payment status. However, this will help you stay away from any trouble. The steps are easy to follow. Ensures that you are aware of the amount you need to pay. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works;

  1. Visit the Civil ID Payment Page on e.gov.kw: To begin, visit the website e.gov.kw. Navigate to the section dedicated to eServices. Look for the page that allows you to make a Kuwait Civil ID payment. That’s where you should start.
  2. Click “Start eService“: Locate the “Begin eService” link on the webpage. Proceed to click on it. This action will initiate the process.
  3. Switch language: You can switch to the language if necessary. The default language of the page might be Arabic. There’s no need to worry. You can easily change it to English by finding the language settings and selecting English.
  4. Type in your ID number: Locate the section labeled “Payment Inquiry.” In this section, please input your Civil ID number. However, this is the identifier that the system utilizes to recognize your identity.
  5. Click on Submit Button: After entering your Civil ID number, click the “Submit” button. This action will send your question for processing and handling.

What is the role of MOI kuwait civil id payment?

In Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is responsible for issuing IDs, which act as identification cards for both residents and citizens. However, the charges associated with obtaining or renewing these IDs can be called civil ID payments. These fees encompass services such as moi Kuwait civil ID payment renewal, replacement, or updating information.

Can we do Kuwait Civil Id Payment Through Mobile?

Yes, you can conveniently pay your Kuwait Civil ID fee using your mobile. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the payment, whether 5KD or 2KD. Here’s a quick guide:

  • To access the civil renewal and payments page on e.g.ov.kw, please open your mobile browser. Alternatively, search for “Kuwait Civil ID renewal payment” on Google to find the desired page.
  • Click the “Begin eService” button to navigate to a page.
  • If the page is, in Arabic, change the language to English.
  • The option you must select is now called “Payment Inquiry.”
  • Please enter your Civil ID number in the provided box.
  • Tap “Submit.”
  • Click the “Pay” button to view the status of your Civil ID payment.
  • Please proceed to the following page. Enter your banking information, including your bank’s name, card number, expiration date, and PIN.
  • After you have entered the bank information, click on the “Submit” button.

With this convenient process, pay your Civil ID fee using your device.

Is Kuwait Civil ID on PC or Computer possible?

Yes, you can experience the ease of making payments without any charges for your ID card. Simply follow these steps to pay for your ID card in Kuwait;

  • Begin by accessing the website and choosing “Online Payment.”
  • Please scroll down until you locate the Services section.
  • Once you find it, click the option labeled “Civil ID.”
  • Enter your Civil ID Number in the provided box.
  • Now complete the Captcha challenge. Then click on the Submit button.

Final Words:

Because it serves as a comprehensive store of personal and residential information, the Civil ID card is an important document in Kuwait for both residents and citizens. The Civil ID card renewal procedure has been streamlined through an easy-to-use online payment option, allowing foreigners to renew their cards without having to physically visit an office. Renewal costs 5 Kuwaiti dinars (KD), plus a 2 KD extra for cards without an electronic chip. The procedure is straightforward and accessible via mobile devices and desktop computers, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for those looking to renew the validity of their Civil ID cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Kuwait Civil ID?

The Kuwait Citizenship ID Card is a government-issued document that identifies the citizens of Kuwait and their residents. It is used to access government and private services.

2. Why is it important to renew your Citizen ID Card?

The renewal of the Civil ID Card is necessary to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information contained therein. It also enables individuals to maintain unfettered access to government and private services.

3. How often should I renew my civil ID card?

Citizen ID cards must be renewed approximately every two years. Failure to renew in time may result in additional costs.

4. Is there a penalty for not renewing a civil ID on time?

Yes, if you do not renew your Civil ID on time, you may be charged 2 KD per day until you renew your card.

5. Can I change the language of the payment website to English?

Yes, you can change the language from Arabic to English on the payment website to make the process easier

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