Plumbers Needed In Kuwait City


Plumbers Needed In Kuwait City. We are looking for skilled plumbers to undertake the following tasks:

Removal of the existing filtration system
Installation of 2 new pumps for nozzles and creation of new PLV connections (for foam jets nozzles in lakes and fountains)
Installation of 2 new filtration pumps for small lakes, along with 2 new glass grit filters
Installation of 1 new filtration pump for the fountain
Implementation of a new filtration system for the fountain
Integration of a UV sterilizer system for the fountain
Upgrading of the electric system, including a new electric control panel
If you have the expertise in these areas, we want to hear from you.

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Salary: 100-400kwd (Please note this is an approximation and may not be directly relevant to the jobs).

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  1. I want to apply for this job plumber
    I work for 5year as plumber
    Promoted plumber supervisor
    I can plumber a newbuild house with a good plumbing system


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