Opportunity for Car Drivers In Abbasiya


Opportunity for Car Drivers In Abbasiya. We are looking for experienced car drivers from India to join our team. Candidates must meet the following requirements:

Possess a valid driving license from the Arabian Gulf and have a good understanding of the local area.
Willing to commit to working for three years with the company.
Able to provide a deposit of 500 dinars, refundable upon completion of the three-year contract.
Responsible for delivering a minimum of 450 orders per month; deductions of 500 pence will be made for each order below the required number.
Drivers will receive 500 Kuwaiti fils for each order delivered.
The company will provide housing for the driver.
Food will not be provided by the company.
Drivers are responsible for covering the cost of car fuel.
The company will cover all fees, including residence, health insurance, driver’s license examination fees, and other necessary fees in Kuwait.
Candidates will undergo an interview in India, including a driving and location knowledge test.
Interested candidates meeting these criteria can apply by sending their CVs. Salary will be 500KD.

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