Storekeeper Position Available in Kuwait City


Storekeeper Position Available in Kuwait City. We are looking for a skilled storekeeper to join our team, responsible for efficiently managing and organizing our organization’s inventory and stockroom. Key Responsibilities include:

Inventory Management:

Receiving, inspecting, and recording incoming shipments.
Organizing and maintaining inventory levels, ensuring proper rotation and disposal of perishable items.
Keeping accurate records of stock movements and adjustments.
Stock Organization:

Arranging and categorizing items systematically for easy access.
Properly labeling and identifying items.
Stock Replenishment:

Monitoring stock levels and initiating purchase orders or replenishment requests.
Coordinating with purchasing departments to maintain appropriate inventory levels.
Quality Control:

Inspecting incoming goods for damage or defects.
Ensuring proper storage conditions to maintain quality.

Maintaining accurate inventory records and generating reports as required.
Stock Issuance and Distribution:

Issuing materials to authorized personnel based on procedures.
Tracking issued items and maintaining withdrawal records.
Safety and Compliance:

Following safety guidelines and complying with regulatory standards.

Collaborating with other departments and communicating issues or concerns.

High school diploma or equivalent.
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
Proficiency in inventory management software.
Knowledge of inventory control principles.
Physical stamina for lifting and moving heavy items.
Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
Apply by sending your CV to: [email protected]

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Salary range: 100-400 Kwd (no link provided with these advertisements).

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